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Long month! February 27, 2008

Filed under: Random thoughts — justinekh @ 2:52 am

I’m really glad February is almost over! It has been one long month. Most of you know now that I will be losing my job at First National Mortgage Sources soon. The company is closing down business and is in the process of slowing down now, but because I work in the Payroll Department we will be the last ones to go (hopefully). Everyone needs paid you know. So that’s the good news for me. The bad news-I have to spend everyday on the phone with people who are facing unemployment in this hard time. It’s tough to have sympathy and not tell them what I know at the same time. I also got a call this morning from my mom that Chad was in the hospital. They thought there may be something wrong with his heart so they ran a bunch of tests. Turns out they didn’t find anything. Hopefully it was all just stress related as we are all under a lot of it these days. I got Ryan’s and my tickets for Las Vegas in the mail yesterday, one step closer. We could really use a vacation! Well, I think that’s all for now…hope you all have a less stressful March! With love,Justine 


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