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Oh vacation! March 25, 2008

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Ryan and I had a fabulous time in Las Vegas! We stayed at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street. It was awesome. We both agreed that we enjoyed downtown way better than the Strip. There was a lot more people on the Strip and there was more atmosphere downtown. I’ll try to get some pictures up, but I’m still having some issues with that.When we got back into Atwood, we got a call to go look at an apartment in McCook. It was nice, we haven’t officially gotten it yet, but we are working on it.Duke has been very lonely without Koda and Bailey. He doesn’t like to be outside alone and I’m having some trouble getting him to eat. I’m sure we’ll work it out though.I only have 6 weeks left in school for this semester and will be enrolling for the summer semester within the next couple days. I only have to take 2 classes and they both seem pretty interesting.Well, that’s all for now. Happy Easter a few days late!Always,JustineĀ 


One Response to “Oh vacation!”

  1. annie Says:

    i like your pics! and am sure glad you have furniture, it would be uncomfortable sitting on the floor. i hope you get to feeling better.

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